domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

The Third Answer

A long time ago
A child lived his life
Being true to himself
No evil in people's heart

Times of innocence
Times of honesty
When did people start
To be that smart?

Darkness is around
He finally opens his eyes
The time to grow has come
Have to stop being a whining.

Who can he trust
To teach him the art of fight?
To be his own teacher
He can't trust the other side.

Years of pain, years of emptiness
Fighting the war alone
To follow common sense
Or to trust his own?

Then he realizes
Some are children, some are lost
Some are just crazy dogs
He's none and all of it, then who's the boss?

Nature itself is selfish
Gravity surround us
Who are we to blame
To follow nature's heart?

Shall I have the honor
To show man's true face?
Take it and try
To give a greater purpose to our race?

The answer for that question
Despite the fact everyone knows
Humans are just humans
Weaks and fools

The desire for power
To not hurt the next
The key to absolute freedom
To change the course of universe

A huge amount of energy
Is required to do so
Nature laughs at his attempt
What can a little human do?