quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

The Psychology of Carl Gustav Yung for Lay People

Dia 18 de janeiro. Campus Party 2011. Palestra "A Psicologia nos Jogos".

All I have written so far in this blog may be considered as an introduction to the literature of Carl Gustav Yung. The funny part is that before yerterday's presentation all I knew about him was that he was a friend of Sigmund Freud. My thoughts are very similar to his conclusions although there might be a couple of diferences that I'm yet to realize.

I'm frustrated for not having read his works before and at the same time happy for finding someone who was capable of explaining the answers I was looking for and for trying to prove the thesis cientifically.

Yung had believed most of his life that his teaching should not be taught to people who did not have any knowledge in psychology. I also believed the same until a year and a half ago, probably for the same reasons.

10 days before dying he finished his book which could be understood by regular people (no knowledge in psychology): "Man and His Symbols". I've just downloaded it and haven't even started reading yet.

I'll have a hard time trying to explain in a few posts all his thesis but that's the least I can do for you who won't read 300 pages.


Olhá só, reelendo meu blog hoje notei 2 aspectos os quais escreveria de forma diferente hoje:

1. Expectativa: Sempre se prepare para o melhor. Espere o pior.
2. Egoísmo X Altruísmo: Lembrei o que é altruísmo. Na verdade é tão simples que chega a ser ridículo. Faça as coisas sem esperar nada em troca. Você estará sempre no lucro. Hahahah Havia esquecido o quão simples era.